Baby food maker tools

After spending months in the kitchen, testing every kind of food we could find at our local grocery store, putting it through the featured food makers chosen to be tested, we finally discovered a lot about what makes one baby food making product better than another. We feel like it's important for you, as a parent, to know just what we have found out about the process of making food at home, and hopefully dispel a few rumors as well. 

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Do I really need to make my own baby food?

The simple answer is no. The baby food that is available in grocery stores today is of excellent quality. Plenty of children have been introduced to solids on commercial baby food and turned out just fine. However, you may have felt a desire to try making your child's food at home, from scratch. Maybe it's because you know it will save your family money on groceries. Maybe you worry about food sourcing or production practices. Maybe you just simply love the idea of getting back to basics in the kitchen. Whatever your reasoning, if you do decide to make your own baby food, you'll surely find beauty and peace of mind in knowing exactly what your baby is eating, how fresh the food is, and you have the satisfaction of making something for your baby that many feel is extraordinarily complex.