Baby Food Freezer Tray with a Watertight Lid by Ichbel Myeh that we recomend individually.

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Product Description

Babys online store - We sell babies products online- Cheap baby store online! are proud to offer the excellent Baby Food Freezer Tray with a Watertight Lid.

With so many available recently, it is wise to have a name you can trust. The Baby Food Freezer Tray with a Watertight Lid is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

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Manufacturer Description

Why should you order your possess Infant foodstuff Freezer Tray?

  • Help save your Time and your Money by making home made child foodstuff in massive batches
  • Take in Healthful Foodstuff: Feed your child only wholesome foods with all all-natural organic elements
  • Help save Your Breast Milk: Really don't fear about getting rid of your preciously pumped breast milk with our trays you can freeze your breast milk into nice 1 oz portions to use afterwards
  • Easy to pop out cubes that do not have a nasty scent so you do not have to fear about frozen cubes traveling all above the kitchen, just run some heat water above the bottom of the trays for about five seconds and then set your tray on the counter with the lid experiencing down. Thrust on the bottom of each and every silicone dice you want to get out and they will pop out proper on to the lid!
  • Proper Measurement: Usually have the proper portion dimension for your child so you do not have to fear about overfeeding or underneath feeding your child, they will usually be complete and satisfied
  • No far more throwing away excellent foodstuff, just pop it into the tray, set the lid on and throw it in the freezer and say hi to leftovers for tomorrow
  • Help save area in your freezer and on your counter because of our excellent layout that retains up to 21 ounces of child foodstuff or liquids and is effortlessly stackable to save you area in the freezer or your fridge
  • Helps prevent Freezer Burn: Our watertight lid prevents freezer burn off from forming on your scrumptious foodstuff.

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Product Features

EASILY MAKE and SAVE BABY FOOD and BREAST MILK so that you can have healthy meals for your baby no matter what they are eating, whether it is breast milk or they are exploring new homemade solid foods FLEXIBLE, silicone tray makes it EASY to POP OUT each cube. BREAKTHROUGH Rectangular 21-cube DESIGN that is EASILY STACKABLE with other food trays. This will SAVE YOU TIME and SPACE when you are making batches of baby food and needing to freeze all of it. Because of our breakthrough design, you can easily find a place in your freezer to stack these trays without taking up undo space or having to play a giant frozen game of Tetris. WATERTIGHT LID for a NO MESS SEAL, easy to clean baby food tray. And NO FREEZER BURN CUBES HOLD 1 oz of food so you have the RIGHT AMOUNT every MEAL no matter what age or how big their appetite is and you will never have to worry about wasting food. If your child does not finish their meal, just stick it back into the freezer and enjoy it later in the day or week. MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY FDA Approved FOOD GRADE silicone that is BPA FREE which makes these baby food freezer trays easy to POP the CUBES out of and does not leave a disgusting smell on the food or in the trays.

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