5-Pack Baby Burp Cloths, Large 21"x10", Triple Layer, 100% Organic Cotton, Thick, Soft and Absorbent Towels, Plain White Burping Rags for Newborns, Baby Shower Gift for Boys and Girls by KiddyStar

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Prevent yourself from all-too-frequent baby burp mess with our burp cloth that will absorb all the extra milk pouring out of your kid's mouth like a sponge using three protective layers, designed with baby's safety and mom's comfort in mind - soft to baby skin, firm on mom's shoulder


Firstly, this baby burp cloth is made with baby's health and safety in mind. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton is used to produce our burp cloth that is in direct contact with baby's skin almost every day and sometimes that end up in baby's mouth
Organic cotton is non-allergic and soft to baby's sensitive skin

Our burp cloth is highly absorbent and covers the entire shoulder preventing the mess
The burp cloth is also long enough to observe the extra milk pouring out of kid's mouth on the floor
The burp is also useful while feeding as the size is large enough to cover the baby's body
Made of organic cotton, the burp cloth stays firmly on mothers shoulder. In the three layers, the top cotton layer absorbs the spit and the second polyester fleece prevents leakage and the third cotton layer makes the cloth anti-slip
The polyester fleece also help protect your baby's shirt from stains while feeding
The burp cloth is not only washable but also withstands frequent washes. Being cotton it dries quickly under any weather condition
Getting five burp cloths in a set is very useful when you are traveling
The burp bib is designed for both boys and girls
These good qualities make it an excellent gift for those entering into motherhood


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Product Features

MESS-FREE BURPING - Protect yours & kids' favorite clothes from burp stains, wetness & smell using our highly absorbent burp cloths which help significantly reduce the mess. The LARGER SIZE (21" x 10") not only prevents spit ups from dampening your shoulder but the high absorbency design & generous length absorb the burps or spit ups effectively, and prevents the burps from reaching the floor or your clothes. SOFT & COMFORTABLE TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN - Get reliable protection from our 3 layered, specifically designed for the purpose baby burp cloth that can absorb significantly. The front and the back layers are made up of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that feel ultra soft & comfortable in touch & feel, and the middle layer is made up of polyester fleece to improve the absorption capacity manifolds. KIDS-FRIENDLY & SMARTER CHOICE - With 100% organic burp cloths in the outer layers (both front & back), our bibs do not pose any risk of itching, irritation or annoyance to the sensitive skin of your baby - hypoallergenic design. Moreover, our baby burp cloth is pure white in color, thus carries no harmful dyes - white color even helps conceal milk stains better. EXCELLENT GIFT - Coming in a set of 5 pcs, the soft burp cloth set is unisex in design with its neutral white color, and can even be wrapped around the baby's neck to use it as a bib if need be so, though not designed for it. These high-quality soft multi-purpose baby burp rags also make for best gift for baby showers! 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee is offered to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with the quality of our burp bibs and their functional effectiveness - certainly one of the best baby burp cloths.

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